The daily morning commute during the Hennepin / Lyndale construction

We are in the midst of spring weather, pasty white bodies being exposed to sun for the first time in six months, pothole swerve driving, and of course road construction.

If you have not noticed, the painfully anticipated Hennepin and Lyndale construction project has begun. My early takeaway?  The traffic cops at Lyndale and Franklin need a 101 in traffic flow management.

Side tangent – Eight years ago Hennepin was it’s normal bottleneck serving as the main gateway from downtown to Uptown.  As the years have gone on, Hennepin has become a complete cluster during peak traffic times.  Feeling left out, Lyndale has taken great strides to create a bottleneck all its own.  Getting past Franklin and the Wedge at 5:15pm on a Friday?  Forget it.  I guess one could head over to Bryant, assuming the bikers allow car access on that road…

Back to the traffic cops.  Given access to downtown has been closed on Hennepin, you now have Lyndale serving as the only gateway into downtown – even causing some confusion for those simply going on 94E.  What used to be a simple 5 minute bottleneck to get through has increased to at least 15-20 minutes.  I would advise all commuters to proceed to the Lyndale and Franklin intersection with caution and thought.  There is an ideal path and route to take if you observe it on a daily basis.  What is that path?  Well those secrets can’t be revealed.  Perhaps there is an alternative solution to solve all of the commuting problems.

  1. Turning Lyndale into a bike only road.
  2. All Uptowners with downtown corporate jobs work remotely at Stella’s.  You work autonomously and have your own space.  Lunch social hour on the patio.
  3. Get up earlier for work.
  4. Call Mom and Dad and have them fix it.

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