Timberwolves seasons tickets, time to buy?

The luxury of picking and choosing when to go. The luxury of avoiding ticket scalpers or aftermarket sites for the last time. The luxwolves-newsales-pricing-prices-large-160204ury of arriving and leaving when you choose. The luxury of being on the giving
end of “Hey, I’m going to be out of town. Want to catch the Wolves game?? The luxury of getting a sheet full of paper tickets each season…I mean a Flash Seats account?!?  

Since I can remember I’ve always dreamed of having my own set of season tickets. Preferably for a team and sport I love (Timberwolves), but over the years have discussed starting at a lower level and going the collegiate route – what better way to see how I value and use tickets than a trial run of 7 or 8 U of M Gopher football games. Then again, if you have trouble giving away free tickets to see a team escape lowly Rutgers, that may not be best trial run.

Back on point. Over the past couple of years I’ve thought more and more on if and/or when I might someday have my own set of Timberwolves tickets. Looking at that fresh sheet of ticktets would be amazing, a dream fulfilled. Then last year the Wolves seek to be at the forefront of technology and institute FlashSeats. Now you just get a receipt printout of your ticket? Gone are the days where you’d anticipate what player would be on the cover of your ticket for the one game a year I’d attend.

Given today’s economic uncertainties, and increasing costs of healthcare, education, kids, keeping up with the Jones’, I’ve struggled in wrapping my arms around the cost of buying or sharing 2 to 4 seasons tickets. How much to spend? What section? Can you afford this discretionary spend? Mentally I have to be at a stage where I view it as a complete sunk cost, with no impact to my loved ones. Around this time of the year as NBA season tips off, I research and think about how I can make it work – get one to hour other people, have a draft for games and go with it.

At what point will I be ready? When I’m comfortable giving away 41 games away for free to friends or family, and don’t have to think twice about it. Until I reach that point, I struggle with the idea of spending $8-11k in post-tax earnings each year to watch a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs for 12 years.

This upcoming season has a lot of promise. My only fear – if they make the jump this year and find themselves fighting for the 8th seed in the Western Conference – what will ticket prices do then? Have I missed my window?

When and how did you decide to make the season ticket jump? Where were you at in your professional career and family life?

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