Prince memorialized in Uptown

On Thursday, Prince passed away – surfacing a wide range of memorials and tributes throughout the city.  From those outside of Paisley Park in Chanhassen to the lighting of bridges and skyscrapers in purple – all in honor of arguably one of the most famous residents of Minnesota.Prince

While on a drive through Uptown, I came across this beautiful mural being worked on yesterday and near completion today.  On the back end of Sencha Tea Bar, on the corner of 26th and Fremont – this stunning mural has surfaced.  A hidden mural that in coming time will be a talking point and potential local attraction.

Minnesota can be over the top in claiming the “one of us” titles – and I will admit some of the outpouring may be a bit over the top – where were all these Prince fans before!  With that said though, he’s an icon through and through – a rock star personified.  The mystery, intrigue, unknown and musical talent is quite rare and to never be duplicated again.

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