Another local company gobbled up

Earlier today Abbott Laboratories announced the acquisition of Minnesota based St. Jude Medical for $25 Billion – which represents a 37% premium to St. Jude’s closing stock price on the day of the announcement.  If you’re a shareholder, congrats!!St._Jude_Medical_logo

This transaction was rumored almost over a year ago.  It allows both companies to create a leading position in the cardiovascular device market – holding either a #1 or #2 share position in many high growth device markets.  And in a position to long-term compete better with companies such as Medtronic and Boston Scientific – as healthcare on a number of fronts is going through continued broad based consolidation. Continue reading “Another local company gobbled up”

Prince memorialized in Uptown

On Thursday, Prince passed away – surfacing a wide range of memorials and tributes throughout the city.  From those outside of Paisley Park in Chanhassen to the lighting of bridges and skyscrapers in purple – all in honor of arguably one of the most famous residents of Minnesota.Prince

While on a drive through Uptown, I came across this beautiful mural being worked on yesterday and near completion today.  On the back end of Sencha Tea Bar, on the corner of 26th and Fremont – this stunning mural has surfaced.  A hidden mural that in coming time will be a talking point and potential local attraction. Continue reading “Prince memorialized in Uptown”

Welcome back Thibs

Well what do you know.  Timberwolves country club leader Glen Taylor for once, actually made the best, most logical move to fill his Thibs wolves coachcoaching and executive ranks.  Credit to him for doing it fast and paying up to land what is easily a Top 5 NBA coach in Tom Thibodeau (“Thibs”).  With both Coaching and President of Basketball Operations titles (and a 5 year, $40M contract), it will be up to Tom on whether he can mold the young Timberwolves core into bona-fide all stars – build out a roster that complements Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, and allows Ricky Rubio to play to his strengths (and hides his weaknesses). Continue reading “Welcome back Thibs”

Back to Back ROY’s for the Wolves – Who will be coaching them?

In the coming days, Karl Anthony Towns, Timberwolves rookie power forward, will unanimously be chosen as the NBA’s rookie of the year – the second straight year the Wolves will have won the award (Andrew Wiggins in 2015).  Karl Anthony Towns sweeped this years monthly Kia rookie awards in the Western Conference – following in the steps of Damian Lillard and Blake Griffin as others who’ve accomplished the feat in recent years.

Within a matter of a week, the tide seems to be turning for the Wolves.  Owner Glen Taylor has let veteran “country club” member Sam Mitchell go as head coach – a position he fell into due to the unfortunate death of Flip Saunders.  But even with some late season momentum, Sam Mitchell was not the right person for the job if you followed the Wolves throughout the whole season. Continue reading “Back to Back ROY’s for the Wolves – Who will be coaching them?”

The daily morning commute during the Hennepin / Lyndale construction

We are in the midst of spring weather, pasty white bodies being exposed to sun for the first time in six months, pothole swerve driving, and of course road construction.

If you have not noticed, the painfully anticipated Hennepin and Lyndale construction project has begun. My early takeaway?  The traffic cops at Lyndale and Franklin need a 101 in traffic flow management. Continue reading “The daily morning commute during the Hennepin / Lyndale construction”

The Twins season has started…does anyone care?

This week the MLB season kicked off. Quite frankly I forgot basebHome openerall
season was upon us given March Madness and mixed spring weather.  For me the upcoming Twins season was met with a big yawn.  Their 0-4 start is not helping their cause to generate excitement as the April 11th
home opener approaches, as there is potential for another forgettable year where people are reminded what we have in the chosen one Joe Mauer, wonder
when our young talent will develop, and will we ever be back in the playoff hunt.  The allure of the newest craft beer or food item lasts for about 3 innings.  WCCO will make sure you stay on top of these important news developments. Continue reading “The Twins season has started…does anyone care?”

WCCO Chanel 4 News – Where’s the news?

Unless there’s a major snowstorm, I realize the need to tune in and watch the local news dwindles with each passing day, week, month and year.   I also understand as the internet has impacted newspapers and TV, that business models must change and new ways of generating a viewership are needed – you simply can get your news quicker and through more outlets than ever today.

As someone who grew up watching NBC national news and KARE 11 (they heyday of Paul Magers, Diana Pierce, and Pat Miles, with Randy Shaver on sports) – I found myself wondering do they even really report news anymore.  If so, is there less than 5 minutes of content each 10pm newscast?  Besides wanting to the be the cool, hip, fashionable, and social circle king and queens in the Twin Cities – do any of their personalities even report on news anymore (excluding field reporters)? Continue reading “WCCO Chanel 4 News – Where’s the news?”

Is it worth the money to live in Edina?

Over the past 10 years, the city of Edina has experienced a rapid tear-down and build craze – setting itself apart as an “ideal” place to live if you’re a white collar, trendy working professional.  Close proximity to Minneapolis and urban centers of gravity, proximity to neighboring second ring suburbs, a nationally ranked public school system, popular dining and shopping, and of course the “privilege” to say you live in Edina!  For a first ring suburb out of Minneapolis – a cut above most cities.  We all know the cakeater stereotype, and who can forget the Hennepin Theater Trust’s showing of The Realish Housewives of Edina.  The reality is some are completely turned off by this stigma and the city, while for others it’s the oxygen to fuel their country club soul. Continue reading “Is it worth the money to live in Edina?”