Who will save Glen Taylor from himself?

wolvesforsaleOn Friday afternoon the majority owner of the Timberwolves, Glen Taylor, went on local radio expressing his thoughts on the Timberwolves long-term view regarding its GM and Head Coach positions – both filled on an interim basis this year given the untimely and unfortunate passing of Flip Saunders.

From a basketball organization standpoint – this team is a disorganized mess.  Glen Taylor noted that he needs to give Milt Newton, the interim GM, more time to show what he can do – using the upcoming draft and free agency period as his final audition.  And from a coaching standpoint, he’d like to see how the last month of the season goes before making a decision on Sam Mitchell.

Who the heck is calling the shots here?  Is the owner putting the future of the Wolves into the hands of a GM he isn’t sure he wants to hire long-term?  Who decides Sam Mitchell’s fate?  If an interesting trade offer surfaces for Ricky Rubio near draft time, is that Milt’s call?  Most importantly, who will be owning this team three years from now?taylor Continue reading “Who will save Glen Taylor from himself?”

Valspar acquired – determining what “Synergies” mean for you

SHWvalsparLast Sunday, reports (such as at the Star Tribune article below) came out on Sherwin Williams’ acquisition of Minneapolis based Valspar.


If you’re a shareholder in any capacity of Valspar, you woke up Monday morning delighted to see such an announcement – offer at a 28% premium to all time high stock price, 41% premium to last 30 days trading level.  How does Sherwin Williams pay for that premium – through the financial impact realized by the publicly stated $280M of “synergies” they hope to realize. Continue reading “Valspar acquired – determining what “Synergies” mean for you”

Which Chain of Lake is best for you?

Those of us who live around or near the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes chainfind it to be one of the gems of Minneapolis – a unique connection of multiple lakes and paths so close to an urban downtown. From workouts, leisure outings, or places of residence, the area has so much to offer.

For those who frequent the lakes on a regular basis to workout, they can also be a source of annoyance yet entertainment. If you are visiting or new to the area, let this serve as a formal informal guide of which lake to choose for your respective workout (1 bad, 10 great). And yes technically there are four lakes, but for most novices it’s simply known by the three main lakes.

Lake Calhouncalhoun

Visual Appeal: 7 – More circular than Isles or Harriet, some nice houses to look at (but better on the other lakes), Minneapolis skyline, eclectic mix of people watching. Continue reading “Which Chain of Lake is best for you?”

Greg Gard vs. Richard Pitino

Coaches comparison

Tomorrow Greg Gard will be coaching his second NCAA tournament game as a head coach.  Not bad for a guy who started out as a high school assistant making $800.  As noted within the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel and Twin Cities Pioneer Press articles below, its pretty striking to see how differently both have come into their current positions and merits behind each. Continue reading “Greg Gard vs. Richard Pitino”

To be a Gopher fan this weekend

We all just witnessed a record number of double digit upset seeds in the round of 64, and the round of 32 is upon us.  Parody within college basketball has never been greater, up and coming coaches making their mark.  Six schools neighboring Minnesota have or are still participating, with UNI marking the highlight of the tournament with a half court buzzer beater last night.

School logos

If you’re a Gopher fan watching this weekend, are you rooting for or against the neighboring schools?  Do you despise all things Wisconsin and Iowa?  Watching these games has to make any Gopher fan think… Continue reading “To be a Gopher fan this weekend”

Uptown apartment craze – who’s paying the rent?

After having lived around and seen the residential development in Uptown over the last eight years – it’s safe to say for a lot of trendy millennials Uptown has become a refreshed option for those looking to rent outside of the North Loop and Loring Park.  The attraction of the greenway and chain of lakes and of course those ridiculous Vegas style pools.  From Lime to Flux, the number of developments has been impressive.

Let’s say you’re a 25 year old with an above average salary of $60,000, fully independent adult on your own.  Below is a rough estimate of a monthly budget.


Continue reading “Uptown apartment craze – who’s paying the rent?”