Timberwolves Flash Seats Platform – where’s the free market?

If you haven’t heard, the Minnesota Timberwolves are 10-21. There are many reasons why, just check out any blog or sports website to learn more.

If you haven’t heard, the Minnesota Timberwolves are 29 out of 30 when it comes to NBA home attendance (https://www.espn.com/nba/attendance) this year. A key reason why is self-inflicted by Glen Taylor and the Timberwolves organization. Continue reading “Timberwolves Flash Seats Platform – where’s the free market?”

Minnesota access to most exclusive golf clubs in the U.S.

Late last week Minneapolis businessman, civic leader, philanthropist, politician and sports executive, Wheelock Whitney Jr. passed away. Wheelock was born in St. Cloud and grew up the son of a distinguished businessman, philanthropist, and politician – Wheelock Sr.WW jr

Wheelock Jr. made a career as an investment banker in Minneapolis and co-founded what today is Minnesota’s largest private equity firm – Norwest Equity Partners.  If you’re driving down Hennepin Avenue through MCTC, you will even see his named etched across their urban campus.  Generally a great citizen who helped advance many causes to help the Twin Cities grow and prosper. Continue reading “Minnesota access to most exclusive golf clubs in the U.S.”

Another local company gobbled up

Earlier today Abbott Laboratories announced the acquisition of Minnesota based St. Jude Medical for $25 Billion – which represents a 37% premium to St. Jude’s closing stock price on the day of the announcement.  If you’re a shareholder, congrats!!St._Jude_Medical_logo

This transaction was rumored almost over a year ago.  It allows both companies to create a leading position in the cardiovascular device market – holding either a #1 or #2 share position in many high growth device markets.  And in a position to long-term compete better with companies such as Medtronic and Boston Scientific – as healthcare on a number of fronts is going through continued broad based consolidation. Continue reading “Another local company gobbled up”

WCCO Chanel 4 News – Where’s the news?

Unless there’s a major snowstorm, I realize the need to tune in and watch the local news dwindles with each passing day, week, month and year.   I also understand as the internet has impacted newspapers and TV, that business models must change and new ways of generating a viewership are needed – you simply can get your news quicker and through more outlets than ever today.

As someone who grew up watching NBC national news and KARE 11 (they heyday of Paul Magers, Diana Pierce, and Pat Miles, with Randy Shaver on sports) – I found myself wondering do they even really report news anymore.  If so, is there less than 5 minutes of content each 10pm newscast?  Besides wanting to the be the cool, hip, fashionable, and social circle king and queens in the Twin Cities – do any of their personalities even report on news anymore (excluding field reporters)? Continue reading “WCCO Chanel 4 News – Where’s the news?”

Who will save Glen Taylor from himself?

wolvesforsaleOn Friday afternoon the majority owner of the Timberwolves, Glen Taylor, went on local radio expressing his thoughts on the Timberwolves long-term view regarding its GM and Head Coach positions – both filled on an interim basis this year given the untimely and unfortunate passing of Flip Saunders.

From a basketball organization standpoint – this team is a disorganized mess.  Glen Taylor noted that he needs to give Milt Newton, the interim GM, more time to show what he can do – using the upcoming draft and free agency period as his final audition.  And from a coaching standpoint, he’d like to see how the last month of the season goes before making a decision on Sam Mitchell.

Who the heck is calling the shots here?  Is the owner putting the future of the Wolves into the hands of a GM he isn’t sure he wants to hire long-term?  Who decides Sam Mitchell’s fate?  If an interesting trade offer surfaces for Ricky Rubio near draft time, is that Milt’s call?  Most importantly, who will be owning this team three years from now?taylor Continue reading “Who will save Glen Taylor from himself?”

Valspar acquired – determining what “Synergies” mean for you

SHWvalsparLast Sunday, reports (such as at the Star Tribune article below) came out on Sherwin Williams’ acquisition of Minneapolis based Valspar.


If you’re a shareholder in any capacity of Valspar, you woke up Monday morning delighted to see such an announcement – offer at a 28% premium to all time high stock price, 41% premium to last 30 days trading level.  How does Sherwin Williams pay for that premium – through the financial impact realized by the publicly stated $280M of “synergies” they hope to realize. Continue reading “Valspar acquired – determining what “Synergies” mean for you”

Uptown apartment craze – who’s paying the rent?

After having lived around and seen the residential development in Uptown over the last eight years – it’s safe to say for a lot of trendy millennials Uptown has become a refreshed option for those looking to rent outside of the North Loop and Loring Park.  The attraction of the greenway and chain of lakes and of course those ridiculous Vegas style pools.  From Lime to Flux, the number of developments has been impressive.

Let’s say you’re a 25 year old with an above average salary of $60,000, fully independent adult on your own.  Below is a rough estimate of a monthly budget.


Continue reading “Uptown apartment craze – who’s paying the rent?”