Timberwolves Flash Seats Platform – where’s the free market?

If you haven’t heard, the Minnesota Timberwolves are 10-21. There are many reasons why, just check out any blog or sports website to learn more.

If you haven’t heard, the Minnesota Timberwolves are 29 out of 30 when it comes to NBA home attendance (https://www.espn.com/nba/attendance) this year. A key reason why is self-inflicted by Glen Taylor and the Timberwolves organization. Continue reading “Timberwolves Flash Seats Platform – where’s the free market?”

Timberwolves seasons tickets, time to buy?

The luxury of picking and choosing when to go. The luxury of avoiding ticket scalpers or aftermarket sites for the last time. The luxwolves-newsales-pricing-prices-large-160204ury of arriving and leaving when you choose. The luxury of being on the giving
end of “Hey, I’m going to be out of town. Want to catch the Wolves game?? The luxury of getting a sheet full of paper tickets each season…I mean a Flash Seats account?!?   Continue reading “Timberwolves seasons tickets, time to buy?”

Minnesota access to most exclusive golf clubs in the U.S.

Late last week Minneapolis businessman, civic leader, philanthropist, politician and sports executive, Wheelock Whitney Jr. passed away. Wheelock was born in St. Cloud and grew up the son of a distinguished businessman, philanthropist, and politician – Wheelock Sr.WW jr

Wheelock Jr. made a career as an investment banker in Minneapolis and co-founded what today is Minnesota’s largest private equity firm – Norwest Equity Partners.  If you’re driving down Hennepin Avenue through MCTC, you will even see his named etched across their urban campus.  Generally a great citizen who helped advance many causes to help the Twin Cities grow and prosper. Continue reading “Minnesota access to most exclusive golf clubs in the U.S.”

Welcome back Thibs

Well what do you know.  Timberwolves country club leader Glen Taylor for once, actually made the best, most logical move to fill his Thibs wolves coachcoaching and executive ranks.  Credit to him for doing it fast and paying up to land what is easily a Top 5 NBA coach in Tom Thibodeau (“Thibs”).  With both Coaching and President of Basketball Operations titles (and a 5 year, $40M contract), it will be up to Tom on whether he can mold the young Timberwolves core into bona-fide all stars – build out a roster that complements Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, and allows Ricky Rubio to play to his strengths (and hides his weaknesses). Continue reading “Welcome back Thibs”

Back to Back ROY’s for the Wolves – Who will be coaching them?

In the coming days, Karl Anthony Towns, Timberwolves rookie power forward, will unanimously be chosen as the NBA’s rookie of the year – the second straight year the Wolves will have won the award (Andrew Wiggins in 2015).  Karl Anthony Towns sweeped this years monthly Kia rookie awards in the Western Conference – following in the steps of Damian Lillard and Blake Griffin as others who’ve accomplished the feat in recent years.

Within a matter of a week, the tide seems to be turning for the Wolves.  Owner Glen Taylor has let veteran “country club” member Sam Mitchell go as head coach – a position he fell into due to the unfortunate death of Flip Saunders.  But even with some late season momentum, Sam Mitchell was not the right person for the job if you followed the Wolves throughout the whole season. Continue reading “Back to Back ROY’s for the Wolves – Who will be coaching them?”

The Twins season has started…does anyone care?

This week the MLB season kicked off. Quite frankly I forgot basebHome openerall
season was upon us given March Madness and mixed spring weather.  For me the upcoming Twins season was met with a big yawn.  Their 0-4 start is not helping their cause to generate excitement as the April 11th
home opener approaches, as there is potential for another forgettable year where people are reminded what we have in the chosen one Joe Mauer, wonder
when our young talent will develop, and will we ever be back in the playoff hunt.  The allure of the newest craft beer or food item lasts for about 3 innings.  WCCO will make sure you stay on top of these important news developments. Continue reading “The Twins season has started…does anyone care?”

Who will save Glen Taylor from himself?

wolvesforsaleOn Friday afternoon the majority owner of the Timberwolves, Glen Taylor, went on local radio expressing his thoughts on the Timberwolves long-term view regarding its GM and Head Coach positions – both filled on an interim basis this year given the untimely and unfortunate passing of Flip Saunders.

From a basketball organization standpoint – this team is a disorganized mess.  Glen Taylor noted that he needs to give Milt Newton, the interim GM, more time to show what he can do – using the upcoming draft and free agency period as his final audition.  And from a coaching standpoint, he’d like to see how the last month of the season goes before making a decision on Sam Mitchell.

Who the heck is calling the shots here?  Is the owner putting the future of the Wolves into the hands of a GM he isn’t sure he wants to hire long-term?  Who decides Sam Mitchell’s fate?  If an interesting trade offer surfaces for Ricky Rubio near draft time, is that Milt’s call?  Most importantly, who will be owning this team three years from now?taylor Continue reading “Who will save Glen Taylor from himself?”

Greg Gard vs. Richard Pitino

Coaches comparison

Tomorrow Greg Gard will be coaching his second NCAA tournament game as a head coach.  Not bad for a guy who started out as a high school assistant making $800.  As noted within the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel and Twin Cities Pioneer Press articles below, its pretty striking to see how differently both have come into their current positions and merits behind each. Continue reading “Greg Gard vs. Richard Pitino”

To be a Gopher fan this weekend

We all just witnessed a record number of double digit upset seeds in the round of 64, and the round of 32 is upon us.  Parody within college basketball has never been greater, up and coming coaches making their mark.  Six schools neighboring Minnesota have or are still participating, with UNI marking the highlight of the tournament with a half court buzzer beater last night.

School logos

If you’re a Gopher fan watching this weekend, are you rooting for or against the neighboring schools?  Do you despise all things Wisconsin and Iowa?  Watching these games has to make any Gopher fan think… Continue reading “To be a Gopher fan this weekend”